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Judd's Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning have been professionally trained in every aspect of our work to produce the best long lasting results possible. We only use Prochem equipment and solutions, not only are they the leading brands in professional carpet & upholstery cleaning, they are non-toxic and safe for all of the family including pets.

Top chemicals means top results! Some other brands can leave surfaces sticky with any remaining residue left, resulting in your carpet or upholstery becoming twice as dirty, twice as quick.


Prochem have been setting the industry standard for over 35 years across different countries. Many of their cleaning products are certified wool safe and recognised for superior quality and performance.

Like chemicals, we only use Prochem professional machinery which penetrates deep into the surface and extracts all existing soil. Some amateur machinery can give the impression that it has cleaned your carpet or upholstery on the surface, however deep down lurks soil & bacteria & when it has fully dried it can sometimes look worse than it was before. Amateur machinery = amateur results!


Safety is important to Judd's, that is why we always carry safety data sheets in a COSHH folder with 1st aid kits, fire extinguishers, and all insurance paperwork. We carry these, in the unlikely event of damage caused to properties and possessions, customers or staff in working areas.


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                            Frequently Asked Questions?

How can we trust your service?


Judd's Carpet & Upholstery cleaning has a backlog of previous customers, from both commercial & residential properties as well as recommendations from local estate agents. You can also see our Facebook page for recent reviews from genuine customers. After we have visited you we will leave you with a free quotation at a fixed price, there are no hidden extras or call out charges to our service.


Take a browse by clicking the link below for reviews and images, to see if we are the right service for you.

Why should I have my carpets professionally cleaned?


Professional cleaning of carpets doesn't just do the obvious and improve the appearance of the carpet, it also breaks down bacteria and odours. Unseen to the eye are microscopic organisms such as dust mites living within the carpet, which help to causes allergies. Pet odours, smoke odours and bacteria are among the most common organisms to be found in carpets of a domestic home. These cannot be removed effectively by vacuuming alone, not matter how regularly. Professional carpet cleaning helps to prolong your carpets life.

Does the furniture need to be removed before you can clean the carpet?


At Judd's we understand that not everyone is able to move furniture, so we are prepared to move most objects about the room. We do not however move any electrical setups e.g T.V & stands, digital T.V setups and Hi-Fi setups, we leave it solely to the owners to move such equipment if necessary. We also do not move large dressers, cabinets and sideboards, as these can be extremely heavy and may require emptying. Our operators are more than happy to discuss any further questions you may have regarding furniture removal.


How much do you charge and can i get a quote over the phone?


The price of the area to be cleaned can depend on a number of factors:

For carpets, the room measurements in squared metres.
The cleaning method to be used, depending on the depth of soil.
The carpet or upholstery condition.
The levels of stain treatment needed.

Although we are happy to quote over the phone we do prefer to pop round and provide a free quotation. This is because every job is different and viewing the area before hand means you will receive the best results. We also look at factors such as carpet fixings & furniture movability within the room.


How long will the carpets or upholstery take to dry?


The required drying time depends on the method of cleaning used, power vacuumed machines will draw out the majority of the water. We then use several different methods of drying, from bonnet buffing carpets to absorb excess moisture, to using an air mover placed in the room for both carpets and upholstery.


Do you have public liability insurance?

Yes we do. In the unlikely event of damage to property, possessions, customers, or staff we are fully insured and carry all paperwork and safety data sheets on us at all times.


I am happy with my quote, how do i have to book an appointment?


Give us a call at anytime to arrange a date and time that is best for you. We operate 7 days a week and we'll be happy to advise you on an approximate time to carry out our work.


If you have a questions or you would like any further information on any of the above, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.


Many Thanks


Judd's carpet & upholstery cleaning team

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