Carpet Cleaning.

Our job is to provide you with a service thats you can rely on. As professionals, we use several different methods to ensure your carpets receive the correct treatment they need for their condition, with longer lasting results.


We look at key factors such as:

Depth of the soil
Carpets condition (fixings & seams)
Carpet type
Stains & marks
Dye testing
Fibre testing

Our 4 steps:


1.) Identify the condition
2.) Relate the condition to a system (please see below)
3.) Choose a cleaning method within the system
4.) Carry out the cleaning method 

Condition System:

Preventive care
Corrective care
Salvage Treatment

Upholstery Cleaning


Like carpets, we carry out different tests to help us decide the following:

Which cleaning process the fabric requires.
The cleaning method we need to use according to the depth of soil.
A dye test for any colours which may transfer or bleed.
Any stain treatments that are necessary. .

All upholstery is hand cleaned to ensure every last inch is not left untouched.

We also clean and condition leather too, so feel free to contact us regarding any questions of professional upholstery cleaning.

Rug & Upholstery pick up & delivery service available.


We have an off site cleaning facility where we clean & dry any size rugs & upholstery for customers who would like to have their

items cleaned whilst they are at work.


1.) We collect your items from your home

2,) Clean & turbo dry them

3.) Re-deliver them at a time that suits you.


 All at no extra charge.

                   Commercial & Contract Carpet Cleaning

Judd's carpet & upholstery cleaning offers exclusive packages to local business's at very competitive prices.

 If your looking to keep your business workplace clean, hygienic & up to its professional high standard & reputation, then we are the service for you.


We operate 7 days a week & offer an exclusive through the night service for busy daytime business’s such as call centres and pubs, as well as an after hours service to schools & hired venues.

We are happy to provide commercial references to companies head offices.

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